Personal Information
Name Zoe A. Niarchou
Born 03.12.1967 – Herford, W. Germany
Nationality Hellenic
Web page
Tel. 0030 - 2297 0 26 618 & mob. +30 697 224 99 51
Address 29, Snt. Nektarios str. – Metropolis- Aegina-
   GR-180 10 – Attica - Greece
From 2018 until today, I am living on Aegina Island,
Self-employed in Practicing the Existential Model of Psychanalysis / “Dasein- Analysis” – working on, with individuals groups and couples due to my professional titles,
-Psychologist - BSc - Aristoteles Univercity of Thessaloniki
-Psychoanalyst – MSc – “Daseinanalysis” (DE-)
Phenomenological Existential Analysis and Psychotherapy –
- Adult Trainer Training - BSc – Pandion University of Social &
 Political science
- Philosophical & Social Studies - MSc - University of Crete
C.V. - Zoe Niarchou -2-
2020 Pandion University of Social & Political science
BSc in: Modern Theories and Methods in Adult Education
Title “Adult Trainer Training”
2009-2013 University of Crete
MSc in: Philosophical & Social Studies
MSc Title: “Knowledge, Values and Society”
Dissertations: “Nihilism Theory of Friedrich Nietzsche”
1999-2003 Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki
Diploma in: Psychology / “School of Philosophy”/ Department
Dissertations: “The approach of death in Existential Psychology”
1990-1986 Technological University of Heraklion-Crete
Diploma: Management & Economy in Tourism Administrations
Dissertations: “Advertisement & Public Relations in Tourism”
1985 -1982 37th High School of Athens
1985- 1982 “GOETHE - German Institute of Athens”
C.V. - Zoe Niarchou -3-
Languages: Greek home language
    German fluent level
English fluent level
   Spanish – (elementary level)
Working Experience
Practice in Clinical Psychology at:
Self-help providing program for drug-addicted persons and their families.
(Aristoteles University («Π.Π.Α») & Greek Organism against Drugs (“O.KA.NA”) - 2003, Thessaloniki
2004 “ATHENS 2004” – Olympic Games in Greece-
Human Resources – I.B.C. (International Broadcasting Centre)
2005 – 2020
Private Practice in: Individuals – Couples – Family & Group Therapy-
C.V. - Zoe Niarchou -4-
Furthermore re-educational programs & diplomas in Psychotherapy Models:
-Phenomenological Existential Analysis and Psychotherapy – “Dasein Analysis” (DE-) /member of I.F.D.A. - (Athens, 2005 - until today)
-“Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy” - Irvin D. Yalom
-“Person orientated psychotherapy” - Carl Rogers
-“NDI (nondirective interaction)” - Michel Lobrot
-“Body approaches models in Psychotherapy” – Wilhelm Reich
-“Psychodrama” – Jacob Levy Moreno
-“Tango-Terrapia” / Federico Tossero
More about me:
- I am an easily adapting everywhere, co-operational person, highly self-motivated, with strong communicational skills and abilities.
- I like to work in groups, in teams, but also on my own.
- I am curious, enthusiastic, friendly, faithful, and moderate tempered.
- I love kids and animals. I like traveling, dancing, cooking, writing, learning, sharing and I adapt myself easily in different cultures.
- I have been in many countries around the world and I am talented in learning foreign languages.
- I lived the most of my life in Athens (1974-1984, Thessaloniki 1999-2003 and Crete (1985-1995 & 2008-2018).
- Also, in Argentina (1996-1997, -studying technics of “Tango-Therapy” by Federico Tossero-), and in Berlin (1990).-
Yours sincerely,
Zoe Niarchou

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